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                     At Reflections, we sell only fully restored antique                   lighting. We will explain the process because                  Restoration can mean different things to                                         different dealers. We deal primarily in solid brass lighting which, before it is displayed in the store, goes through the following: 
Repair: We make all necessary repairs to the fixture.  This involves totally dismantling the fixture to enable us to solder and straighten weak or broken pieces.  Missing and damaged parts are replaced from our large stock of period parts.
Polishing: We submerge the fixture parts in a chemical bath which removes old layers of lacquer, paint, corrosion, or oxidation. We burnish the pieces on a series of cloth wheels treated with a special  polishing compound. This removes the scratches and brings the piece to a high gloss. To remove the compound, the fixture is dipped in a mild chemical solution.
Lacquering: A thin, clear layer of lacquer is sprayed on the parts, so the brass will never again require polishing.
Reassembly and Electrification: Lighting which was originally
designed for gas is electrified and we never destory the character of the fixture. All sockets and wiring are made in America and each socket is commercially wired for 250 watts.
Outfitting and Display: We outfit the fixture with original period glass shades. We maintain a warehouse of over 10,000 glass shades to enable us to have a complete and authentic set of shades when a fixture  is finished. We display the final restored lighting fixtures in our shops.